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IRS has taken steps to provide penalty and interest relief to taxpayers who might be unable to comply with tax laws, as a result of year 2000 problems beyond their control.
IRS News Release IR-1999-104

2000 -- Avoid Business Disruptions and Reduce Litigation Exposure
2001: Legal Odyssey -- The Newest High-Tech Growth Industry...Litigation!
2000 Toolbox® -- Scans For, and Fixes, Time Clock and Date Problems, Plus More
8 Myths About the Millennium Bug -- Compliant Software List and Free Y2K Test
AICPA's SOP 98-8 -- Year 2000 Agreed-Upon Procedures Attestation Engagements
AICPA's Year 2000 Links to Other Sources -- CICA, IFA, IRS and SEC
AICPA's Year 2000 Resource Page -- Articles, Books, Seminars, Guidance and Links
Alta Vista -- Year 2000 Search on Alta Vista Yields Volumes of Information
Apple and the Y2K Bug -- Is the Apple Environment Really Safe From The Y2K Bug?
AuditNet -- Year 2000 Resources for Auditors
CAMICO Services, Inc. -- CPA Loss Prevention Web Site -- Weekly Year 2000 Cartoons With Informative Tips/Comments
The Casandra Project -- Legislation, News, Y2K Occurrences, Preparedness, etc.
CIO's Feature Forum Year 2000 -- Online Conference and Extensive Resources
Citizen's Y2K Action Guide -- Prepare Yourself, Your Family and Your Community -- Year 2000 News, FAQs, Issues, Lawsuits, Interviews, Debates, etc.
Computer Experts (UK) Ltd. -- Tool Kit
Computer World -- Resources, Scoreboard and Bulletin Board
Cosgrove, Eisenberg, et al -- Avoid Y2K Business Disruption and Liability Exposure
CMPnet.TheTechnologyNetwork -- Categorized Y2K News Articles + Search Archives
CNet -- Your PC, the Government and the Economy for IT Managers and the Public
CNN Interactive -- Essential Guide, Y2K Primer, Features and Video Gallery
Credit Union Times Year 2000 Resource Page -- Archived Articles and Y2K Links
The Disaster Center Year 2000 Page -- Resources and a Call For Action
Dr. Ed Yardeni -- Y2K Reporter, Y2K Disclosures, Critical Dates, Testimony, + -- Search Year 2000, Y2K, Millennium Bug, etc. to Find Articles
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council -- Examination Procedures
Federal Reserve Board Y2K Page -- Supervision Programs and Member Activities
The Gartner Group -- Year 2000 Solution Series
GASB TB 98-1 -- Illustrative Reporting Guidance on Year 2000 Disclosures
Governmental Accounting Standards Board -- Disclosures About Year 2000
HYPERLINK -- Book Profiles Software Tools to Correct the Year 2000 Problem
IBM Year 2000 Home Page -- Steps to Year 2000 Readiness, and Other Information
Information Technology Association of America -- ITAA's Year 2000 Home Page
International Year 2000 Information Directory -- Global Resource Links
Management Support Technology -- The Year 2000 Resource Book
Microsoft TechNet -- Microsoft Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure and Resource Center
The Millennium Project -- Global Futures Studies & Research
Millie Project -- Artificial Intelligence Compiled Millennium Knowledge Base
Mother of All Year 2000 (Y2K) Link Centers -- Millennium Resource Ring Site
National Bulletin Board -- Y2K Problems, Solutions, Employment, Forums, Library, +
Office of Information Technology -- Extensive Directory of Links
Prentice Hall PTR Year 2000 Crisis Center -- For Programmers, IT Managers & You
Robert Hillard's -- Year 2000 Date Crisis Page With Extensive Links and Solutions
SIA Year 2000 -- Year 2000 Web Links With Descriptions
Software and Hardware Y2K Compliance -- Manufacturers' Position Statements
Software Productivity Research, Inc. -- Economic Impact of the Year 2000 Problem
Survive 2000 Professional - Y2K Myths & Fallacies -- Discusses Many of the Fears
Tightwad Computer -- A Wide Range of Y2K Solutions, Plus Y2k Test Instructions
Tick, Tick, Tick -- Millennium Management Newsletter
Transcend 2000 Project Management -- "The Solution is in the Logic Not the Data"
U.S. Air Force -- The Public Year 2000 Homepage
U.S. Department of Commerce -- Timely and Free Y2K Contingency Plans Online
U.S. Department of Interior -- Y2K Project
U.S. Federal Government Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories -- Info!!
U.S. Federal Reserve Board -- Financial Institution Services (Century Date Change)
U.S. General Accounting Office -- Year 2000 Computing Crisis; Reports and Books
U.S. General Services Administration -- Year 2000 International Directory
U.S. Navy -- Year 2000 Challenge
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission -- The SEC and the Year 2000
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission -- FAQs Re Disclosure of Year 2000 Issues
U.S. Small Business Administration -- Small Business Help for the Year 2000
Vendor 2000 -- Year 2000 Readiness of the Listed Products
Westergaard Year 2000 -- Weekly Y2K Tip, Daily Email Alert, Y2K Books and More
The White House -- Executive Order 13073...Year 2000 Conversion
Y2K! -- Screen Saver and Program
Y2K-Breakthrough Home Page -- Find Advice On What You Can Do About Y2K
Y2K Central for CPAs and Small/Medium Businesses -- Y2K Training for CPAs
Y2K Chaos -- Information on All You Will Need From Food to Technology -- Legal and Management Information -- Hold the Hysteria; News, Features, Cartoons and Commentary
Y2K For Women -- What They Need to Know About the Year 2000 Problem
Y2K Litigation Safeguards -- Top 10 Ways to Stay Out of Court
Y2K Solutions Group, Inc. -- Year 2000 Educational Videos
Yahoo! Full Coverage: Science and Technology: Year 2000 Problem -- Current News
Year 2000 Audit Center -- Articles, Studies, News, Seminars, Tools and Links
Year 2000 Challenge: Implications for Directors and Managers -- Their Obligations
Year 2000 Computer Crisis -- View The Memory of Time by Salvador Dali
Year 2000 Conversion -- What Your State is Doing
Year 2000 Date Problem - Support Centre -- Manufacturer's Y2K Compliance Status
Year 2000 Email -- Categorized IS Auditors Email
Year 2000 Impact on Biomedical Equipment -- Y2K Status on Medical Equipment
Year 2000 Info Network -- Articles, Bulletin Board, Jobs, Links and Y2K Report
Year 2000 Information and Links - Iowa State University -- Mac, Windows/DOS +
Year 2000 Information - Peter de Jager -- Articles, FAQs, Jobs, Products and Links
Year/2000 Journal -- Magazine Dedicated to Y2K Century Date Problem Discussion
Year 2000 Law Network - Legal Papers -- A Variety of Year 2000 Legal Articles
Year 2000 Lawsuits - HRB -- Legislation/Testimonies, Lawsuits and Orders
Year 2000 Lawsuits - TMJB -- Legal Implications, Legislative Advocacy and Articles
Year 2000 Liability -- Resource to Legal Information
Year 2000 Millenium News -- Finances, Litigation, Prophecies and Cashing in on Y2K
Year 2000 - Mitre Corporation -- Costs, Steps, Briefings, Articles, Events, etc.
Year 2000 - MCRB -- Year 2000 Mainframe Computer Testing Center
Year 2000 News (From Year 2000 Information Center) -- Daily Year 2000 News
Year 2000 Problem - PPC -- Articles and Diagnostics
Year 2000 Products -- Books, Tapes, Videos, etc.
Year 2000 Resource Center -- Solution Providers, Vendor Compliance, etc.
Year 2000 Technical Support Center - IBM -- As Expected...An Extensive Site
Year 2000 Users Group -- Listing by Location and Subject Area
YMark 2000 Utility -- Free Year 2000 Testing Program
ZD: Y2K Supersite -- Educates the Public Via Discussion and Procedural Guidelines

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