Agricultural Genome Information Server -- Searchable Biological Information Database
America's Job Bank -- Free Service to Bring Employees/Employers Together
Bureau of Labor Statistics -- Get Facts to Make Good Business Decisions
Consumer Information Center, Pueblo CO -- Best Publications Available, Free Site
Corporate Citizenship Resource Center -- Learn How to Treat Employees
Counterpoint Federal Information -- See Most Sought-After Government Sources
Defense Logistics Agnecy-Procurement -- Discover Department of Defense Needs
Department of Energy-Office of Procurement and Assistance Management -- Opportunities
Department of Veterans Affairs -- Find Information, Available Benefits for Veterans
Export-Import Bank of the United States -- Latest Information, Best Resources Offered
Federal Aviation Administration Office of System Safety -- Find "Fly Smart" Tips
Federal Communications Commission -- Solid, Simple Communications Information
Federal Election Commission -- Citizens Guide to Contributions Explained
Federal Emergency Management Agency -- Find Resources Needed Before Disasters
The Federal Information Center -- Provides Frequently Requested Information
Federal Information Exchange Inc. -- Information From 16 Federal Agencies
FedWorld -- Largest Collection of Links to Federal Agencies
Foreign Trade Information System -- In-Depth Information on World Trade Rules
Global Export Market Information System -- Explore Global Business Opportunities
Government Information Locator Service -- Find Millions of Pages of Public Information
Government Information Sharing Project -- Archive of Economic, Demographic Information
GSA-Office of the Chief Financial Officer -- Track Status of Payments From GSA
HUDUSER-A Service of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development -- Rent
Internal Revenue Service-Tax Information for Business -- Find Tax Law Information
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health -- Advice on Safety Issues at Work
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Metric Program -- Find Metric Resources
NOAA Interactive Weather Information Network -- Comprehensive Storm Warnings
Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration -- Provide Safe and Healthy Workplace
Securities and Exchange Commission -- Stock Information, Fraud Protection, etc.
SEDAC-Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center -- Examine Land Use and Trends
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet -- Find Daily Congressional Information
U.S. Business Advisor -- Find Advice, Answers, Forms, and Business Help
U.S. Census Bureau -- To Find the Real Statistics, Check This Site
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Publications -- Access the The World Fact Book Here
U.S. Commerce Department-STAT-USA/Internet -- Online Economic Information
U.S. Customs Service -- Searchable Archive of Tariffs and Laws
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development -- Find News, Funding Opportunities
U.S. Department of Labor -- Explanations on All Labor Laws and Issues
U.S. Department of State -- Facts on World Conditions, Opportunities, Trends
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency -- Summaries of Major Environmental Laws
U.S. Federal Trade Commission -- Learn Rights on ConsumerLine or BusinessLine
U.S. Government Printing Office -- Search All Federal Information Archives
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service-INS -- Immigration Laws, Verification
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- Protect Your Business, Searchable Database
U.S. Small Business Administration -- Focal Point for Business Direction and Assistance
U.S. Social Security Administration -- Information on W-2 Submission, Retirement, etc
Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets -- Travel Tips, Up-to-date Information