Corporate Diversity Search, Inc. -- Women and Minority Placement Specialists
Creative Investment Research - Washington, D.C. -- Publishes the Minority Bank Monitor
Diversity/Careers Magazine -- Career Opportunities for Minorities and Women
Equal Opportunity Publications -- Affirmative Action and Workforce Diversity Recruitment
Greenlining Institute -- Multi-Ethnic Economic Development Advocacy
The Higher Education MoneyBook for Minorities and Women -- Funds Directory
Minorities' Job Bank -- Career Site for People of Color
Minority Business Development Agency -- Promotes Ethnic Minority Businesses
Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine -- Devoted to Minority and Women Needs
National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. -- Encourages and Assists Blacks
National Health Law Program -- Advocates and Litigates Minority Health Care Issues
National Minority Golf Foundation -- Golf for the Benefit of Minorities
Rainbow Chamber of Commerce -- Expands Minority Opportunities
Sacramento Urban League, Inc. -- Economic Opportunities for Ethnic Minorities
Visa Small Business Site -- Monthly Topics and Information for Women and Minorities