Buy It OnLine -- A Guide to What's for Sale and On Sale in Cyberspace
Compare Net -- Interactive Buyer's Guide
Creative Computers -- Mail Order From McMall, PC Mall and DataCom Mall
CUC NetMarket -- Buyer's Club
Cybershop Online -- A Large Mall With a Search Engine to Find What You Want
Fashion Mall -- Shops, Sites, Magazines, Guides and More
Flowernet -- Ship Fresh Cut Flowers to Anywhere in the United States
iMall -- Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Through This Massive Mall
Infohighway Cybermall -- Visit the Future With This Unique Online Mall
Internet Plaza -- If the Internet Were a City, This Would Be Downtown
OutPost Network -- If Hallmark Doesn't Have the Card, then Try
Shop at Home -- Your #1 Source for Online Catalog Shopping
Surfin' UTC -- An Upscale Cybershop With Very Tasteful Stores
World Square -- This Square Has Something for Everyone
Jango -- Custom Shopping Guide
Netearnings -- One-Stop Small Business Shopping
Online Occasions -- Gift Guide
World Avenue -- IBM's Cybermall