INVEST WISELY (Look Before You Leap)

Proceed as Follows:

Get the Information -- You Need a Reliable Source of News
CNNfn -- Custom News-Delivery From CNNfn, Time-Warner and Others
My Yahoo! -- Free News-Filtering Service

Choose a Strategy -- You Need to Apply the News to Your Investment Strategy
Wall Street City -- What's Working Now Section
Forbes Digital Tool -- Find Out Which Approaches Are Reaping the Biggest Rewards
The Motley Fool -- Sample Portfolios Designed to Appeal to Many Investors

Select Stocks -- Use Stock-Screening Program to Match Your Investment Strategy
Investools -- Offers Some of the Best Free Screening on the Web
Wall Street City -- Free Simplified Screening; More Complex Screening Available for a Fee

Create a Watch List -- Follow Stocks (Analyze Street Talk and Price Movements)
The Daily Rocket -- Portfolio Information Beamed to You by Push Technology

Research the Fundamentals -- While Watching Stock Picks, Do Your Research
Invest-o-rama! -- Directory of Investing Resources
VectorVest -- Enter a Ticker Symbol and Receive a Customized Free Written Report
Bloomberg -- Order Analysts' Reports on Companies a la Carte
Public Register's Annual Report Service -- Annual Reports on Thousands of Companies
Wall Street Research Net -- 500,000 Links to Research Sources

Probe Industries or Sectors -- Pull 6-Month Industry or Sector Performance Graph
CBS MarketWatch -- Great Market Data Relative to "Industry Indexes"
CNNfn -- Screen News by Industry

Download SEC Filings -- Company's Business, Management and Financial Info
FreeEdgar -- Free Downloadable Utility for Excel and SEC Info Download Interface

Analyze Technical Indicators -- Look for Patterns in the Movement of Stock Prices
BigCharts -- Supplies Graphs to Many Web Sites
MarketSource Online -- Historical Data is Available for a Monthly Fee.
Historical Data for S & P Stocks -- Limited Background on These Stocks for Free
Elliot Wava Chart -- Learn More About Technical Investing Here
Window on Wall Street -- Software That Uses Historical Pricing and Current Internet Data

Consult the Market Gurus -- Numerous Sites Offer Free Market Commentary
Dick Davis Online -- Several Market Newsletters, Plus a Clearinghouse of Links
The Financial Center -- Publishes Excerpts of Online Newsletters
Stock Detective -- Uncovers Trading Scams, Plus Overhyped IPOs and Analyst Reports

Check Insider Moves -- Observe Company Executive Owners Stock Trades
CDA/Investment Insider -- Daily Insider Reports and Syndicated Column