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Telephone Listings

Switchboard offers nationwide residential and business telephone listings.

Popular Search Engines

Alta Vista offers compact or detailed searches through what is claimed to be the largest Web index, covering 8 billion words filling 16 million pages. It also provides a full-text index of more than 13,000 newsgroups.

Excite contains more than one million Web documents and the past two weeks of Usenet news and classified ads. Excite also provides NetReviews - sites evaluated for content quality - as well as up-to-the-minute news updates. provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive searches of all web pages, newsgroups, usenet FAQ's, and reviewed pages. Type a question in plain English, or enter as many words and phrases as you need to describe what you want to find.

Lycos lets you efficiently search document titles and content. It features a database that the company claims has millions of link descriptors and documents built by a Web crawler that brings in thousands of documents daily.

Magellan lets you efficiently search document titles and content with a primary focus on relevancy scores.

Open Text Web Index searches every word of every Web page the company has indexed - some 21 billion words and phrases in all. Pose queries of virtually any length, or focus in by searching only titles or links.

Yahoo is arguably the pioneer Internet guide and provides a comprehensive cross-discipline resource base. An editorial filter keeps every college student's home page from making it into the directory.

Special Searches

DejaNews provides access to a huge Usenet news archive. A variety of options allow tailoring your search, including a "create a query" filter, to limit your search by newsgroup, date, or author.

The Electronic Library gives you full text access to over 1000 newspapers, journals and reference books.

The Federal Web Locator at Villinova University is a comprehensive guide to federal web pages.

The Listserv List Reference allows browsing any of about 8,000 public LISTSERV lists on the Internet, searching for mailing lists of interest, and getting information about LISTSERV host sites.

WhoWhere? is a comprehensive White Pages service for locating people and organizations on the Net. It intuitively handles misspelled or incomplete names, and it lets you search by initials.

Finding Search Engines

All-In-One is a compilation of various forms-based search tools that have been combined to form a consistent interface. It provides dozens of both general-purpose and specialized tools.

CUSI (Configurable Unified Search Interface) is offered by Nexor U.K. as a single form to search a large number of different WWW.

Explore gives you a large number of directories and search engines. It is frequently updated.

Net Search is the Netscape search page, which can also be reached from the Net Search button on the Netscape browser.

Starting Point Meta Search allows you to enter your search clause once and then post it to multiple search engines.

W3 Search Engines is published by the University of Geneva. This list of search engines covers a wide variety of topics and subjects but isn't updated very often.

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